Qualifications & Training

Certificate IV of Pilates
Clinical Diploma of Pilates
Yoga Teacher Training

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Hailey Hawkins

Pilates Teacher

Tell us about your Pilates journey:
“I started teaching in 2018 after being a student and just falling in love with the Reformer. I love how strong Pilates makes me feel. It is the only thing which I find both challenging but enjoyable at the same time!”

Favourite Pilates movement to teach and why:
“Long spine to jack knife. And light spring lunges because I love a balance challenge!”

Favourite Pilates movement to do yourself:
“Anything with a backbend!”

Describe your teaching style in a few words:
“Flowy, empowering and bubbly”

Favourite colour:
“Pink or purple! For no reason – they are just clearly the best colours!”

Guilty Pleasure:
“Wine and Pizza”

Favourite thing to do when you’re not teaching:
“Pilates as a student myself. Curling up cozy in bed.”

What makes you feel Joyful?
“Other people laughing. Optimism”

Tell us something about you that we didn’t know?
“I have a gorgeous son called Jack!”

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