Kaz Scott

Pilates Teacher
Fitness Trainer

Favourite Pilates movement to teach and why:
“I love a delicious layering sequence! Short spine or a flying split series is always a favourite to teach”

Favourite Pilates movement to do yourself:
“Booty building scooters!”

Describe your teaching style in a few words:
“Welcoming, warm, witty and wonderful…with a fun side of wicked!”

Favourite colour:
“Any variety of green”

Guilty Pleasure:
“Ice-cream but zero guilt involved. Also an elaborate car concert with the volume high and the singing talent low!”

Favourite thing to do when you’re not teaching:
“Befriend random dogs, watch movies and have adventures with friends.”

What makes you feel Joyful?
“Helping others to achieve things they never thought possible and having fun along the way.”

Tell us something about you that we didn’t know?
“I won a best sandcastle competition in Fiji once. I created a sand farm yard and barn!”

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Qualifications & Training

Certificate IV in Pilates
Certificate IV in Fitness

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