Max Castran

Pilates Teacher
Fitness Instructor

Tell us about your Pilates journey:
“I sustained an ankle injury and after having reconstruction surgery Pilates was part of my rehab. I feel in love with it and decided to become an instructor.”

Favourite Pilates movement to teach and why:
“Pole pull-ups! Heavy back work is my favourite!”

Favourite Pilates movement to do yourself:
“Same as the above! I love teaching the movements that I love to do myself!”

Describe your teaching style in a few words:
“Energetic, fast-paced and fun music!”

Favourite colour:
“Pink! It makes me happy!”

Guilty Pleasure:
“Rewatching old episodes of the Simpsons!”

Favourite thing to do when you’re not teaching:
“Hanging out with my kitten Beanie! Going out with girlfriends for yummy food!”

What makes you feel Joyful?
“Little weekends away with my partner Ash.”

Tell us something about you that we didn’t know?
“I also work as an actress! I’ve featured on-screen in many TV shows and commercials!”

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Qualifications & Training

Certificate IV Pilates
Certificate IV Fitness

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