Qualifications & Training

Certificate IV in Fitness
Certificate IV in Pilates
Barre Training

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Sophia Zeniou

Pilates Teacher
Dance Teacher
Fitness Instructor

Tell us about your Pilates journey:
“I was a dancer in my past life and Pilates was part of the extra training we did to improve our dancing. I taught dance for many years and this naturally progressed into teaching fitness. I then fell in love with Reformer Pilates and the rest is history!”

Favourite Pilates movement to teach and why:
“A big lunge to scooter combo because I love the burn!”

Favourite Pilates movement to do yourself:
“I enjoy a good planking sequence, especially at the end of the session to complete the workout!”

Describe your teaching style in a few words:
“Chill but strong with lots of burny stuff!”

Favourite colour:

Guilty Pleasure:
“Chocolate, coffee and croisants!”

Favourite thing to do when you’re not teaching:
“Walk and get outside! I’m also obsessed with my new kitten Leo!”

What makes you feel Joyful?
“My morning walk and coffee!”

Tell us something about you that we didn’t know?
“I grew up in New Zealand!”