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We offer a variety of class styles to suit all levels

Joyful Pilates Beginner

Joyful Pilates Beginner classes are entry level sessions suitable for all clients of any fitness level,  ability and age. These 45minute classes are perfect for first timers or regular Pilates attendees who want to refine the basics. You will learn foundational Pilates reformer exercises whilst building confidence, strength, balance and flexibility.

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Joyful Pilates Intermediate

Joyful Pilates Intermediate is a dynamic class designed for clients with a reasonable level of fitness and reformer experience. These 45minute sessions progress the movements learnt in our Joyful Pilates Beginner classes and aim to challenge our overall fitness, coordination and strength.

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Joyful Sweat

Our Joyful Sweat class is a 45minute HIIT workout using the Pilates reformer, a variety of specialised strength equipment and your own bodyweight. These high intensity sessions promise to make your muscles burn, raise your heart rate, make you sweat and get those feel good endorphins firing! A great class for those with exercise experience who are looking to improve cardio fitness, power and strength.

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Joyful Stretch

Our Joyful Stretch class is a 45minute session incorporating elements of Pilates, Yoga and meditation along with various flexibility and mobility techniques. This class utilises the reformer, Pilates mats, foam rollers and other specialised mobility equipment. A slower paced class – Joyful Stretch is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. The perfect session to help you feel blissfully stretched, lengthened and relaxed.

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